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About Me - My Pictures

About Me

My name is Kathryn and I am based on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey North Wales.

My preferred Mediums for my work are Pastel, Felting or Textiles although don't be surprised if you find the odd Sculpture thrown in for good measure, when working I like to keep my options open and are very much dependent on the subject matter at the time.

The Isle of Anglesey has a very diverse landscape beautiful Beaches, Rocky headlands, wildlife and a diverse mix of interesting buildings all of which inspire my pieces.

I am currently available for commission. I hope you find my website informative and enlightening. Should you have any questions or queries about my work, please feel free to email me.

I am also studying a B A Honors Degree in Textiles, so you will probably find more Textile pieces in the future.

My Pictures

Hundreds of images are taken every year of Anglesey and it's beautiful spots such as Llanddwyn, South Stack and so on. Any similarity to a picture taken by another is inevitable at times as we are all looking at the same subjects which stay very much the same. Any similarity therefore is completely accidental.

My pictures are taken from my photographs, some going back to when I first moved to the island in 2007, or from those given to me by Commission Customers and followers of my work. Or if I find a picture taken by another I will ask permission to use their image as the basis for my work.